B2C & e-commerce

If set up properly, a company can obtain a competitive advantage through logistics by taking the superior position within the industry regarding cost reductions, service diversity, flexibility, and reliability, as well as satisfying and constantly exceeding customer expectations and requirements.

For its clients with warehousing and distribution needs, the company offers programs built to suit their specific requirements.
Whether for component deliveries in the industry, picking for your production, or dispatching packages in the mail order business – accurate and efficient delivery is the strongest competitive advantage in the market. Managing inventory, forecasting demand, and handling orders, the right way, is crucial for the success and growth of your eCommerce business.

Teklog dedicates over 50000 sq meters of warehouse space to B2C or to B2B2C e-commerce products with a special focus on the flash sales market.
Teklog ships more than 30,000 consumer orders daily 24/7.

What's Teklog focus on?

  • Maintaining a high accuracy on inventory and packaging, efficient delivering
  • Being aligned to demand volatility
  • Understanding the supply chain and developing the most cost-efficient order fulfillment that fits your company’s requirements
  • Managing daily the inventory refill, invoices, and returns

3PL Outsourcing

Teklog management and staff offer many years of experience that will ensure integrated Solutions 3PL. Teklog’s team of specialist are aware that the requirements vary according to the specific industry sector and have the expertise and experience within the team to accommodate the unique requirements of each, whether it is Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Automotive, or Utilities. They will ensure an efficient Logistics strategy can be developed and implemented, measured, and continually improved, ensuring your costs are optimized. Teklog develops fast, timely, and cost-efficient order fulfillment systems and strategies for any type of product or order requirement.

  • Teklog WMS partnered with major e-commerce platforms (Storeden, Shopify)
  • Teklog invested in technologies to manage inventory, forecasting demand, and handling orders with unexpected peak
  • Each key member of Teklog’s operations team is a veteran warehouse operator. That experience translates into accurate orders and on time.
  • Teklog handles a different variety of products from FMCG, high-tech, food, clothes, and art installments.
  • Teklog provides valued-added operations to your shipments (customization, personalization)
  • Teklog is integrated into major online payment methods, and it manages customer data, marketing, and handling support tickets.
  • Last-mile fulfillment

Other services include:

  • Contact center with 45 stations dedicated to helping the customer journey
  • Quality control
  • 3D Shooting editing of assortment
  • Uploading and updating online assortment inventory
  • Reverse logistic
  • Packaging, product assembly, and fixing