Integrated logistic Solutions

Outsourcing insourcing

Teklog takes care of your product and if necessary offers solutions of packaging, fixing, and assembly. Teklog outsourced management system developed sophisticated material management solutions that help its client in planning array, assembling products, and on following demand variations.

Teklog was the first to understand the advantages of having RFID in logistics. Teklog interfaces the Warehouse Management System with the SAP system or integrates the SAP Warehouse Management System with any ERP system clients prefer.

This enables organizations to continuously monitor products’ progress as they move in, through, and out of the warehouse; keep the receipt, storage, and movement of goods under control; and use real-time intelligence to optimize product location and shelf duration. Clients can monitor operations through a smart-phone.

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Main activities are:

  • Vehicle unloading/order management
  • Customs brokerage
  • Quality inspections and chip removal on -electronic, fashion, machines
  • Magazzinaggio allo stato libero, in magazzino IVA, in Deposito Doganale Privato
  • Warehousing, IVA warehousing (a physical site in which goods are stored temporarily and may benefit from several VAT concessions.), customs/bonded warehousing
  • Sorting by pallet, hanging garment, HACCP, box, and bulk.
  • Materials Handling – including, Mechanical Handling Equipment
  • Paper and optical archiving
  • Picking and cartage
  • Reverse logistic
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Reverse Logistic for Teklog means:

  • Inbound screening
  • Guarantee inspection
  • Repair center distribution, internal Revamping
  • Spare items availability
  • Light assembly, packaging, and ticketing
  • Debit or credit transactional management
  • Disposal management
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Teklog has developed a deep knowledge of the insourcing process. As a 3PL company clients can benefit from Flexibility and Agility by reducing overall logistics costs and by avoiding distribution infrastructure investments. Clients gain more control and their business improves continuously.

With the right 3PL partner, you get:

  • The ability to store inventory in several of the 3PL’s fulfillment centers so you don’t have to manage your warehouse(s)
  • Robust technology that tracks your inventory and orders and offers advanced analytics
  • Bulk discounts and the ability to reduce your delivery times and shipping costs
  • The ability to offer quicker shipping options like 2-day delivery