Integrated logistics

TEKLOG can safe keep all your products, even in abroad status, and perform all the necessary rework for their marketing. TEKLOG can fully manage on your behalf the stock in terms of defining the optimal supply, purchasing, procurement, production, assembly using technologically advanced Material Management procedures.

TEKLOG has always dedicated extreme attention to the latest technologies, offering in advance to its clients the benefits of Cloud Computing and RFID.

TEKLOG has available an already interfaced WMS with the major carriers and with the main ERP of its clients, including SAP. The WMS, based on a web-based architecture, allows client to monitor in real time the progress status of each individual order, even of each single item included in the order, from anywhere, through a PC or a Smartphone.

The main activities, therefore, are:

  • Receiving of goods
  • Customs clearance through our internal customs broker
  • Incoming quality control by our trained staff, mainly in the following sectors:
    • Industrial electronics
    • Fashion, technical apparel, footwear
    • Mechanics and swarf removal
  • Storage in free state, in VAT warehouse, in Private Customs Warehouse
  • Storage according to the requirements of the warehouses:
    • Traditional pallet
    • Hung garments
    • HACCP
    • Boxes for small objects
    • Paper and digital filing, documents
    • Bulk for cumbersome goods
    • Picking and staging of shipment
  • Reverse Logistics

Specifically, the subsidiary company BluKappa specializes in document filing and management for private companies, public bodies, State Archives and it offers a range of complete solutions aimed at the preservation, appreciation and safeguarding of historical, deposit or current archives.

Reverse Logistics for TEKLOG means:

  • Inbound screening
  • Warranty checker
  • Distribution to repair centers or Repairing/internal Revamping
  • Possible use as a source of spare parts
  • Re-packaging and labeling
  • Management of credit/charge transactions
  • Waste management in compliance with the law


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