Distribution & transport

TEKLOG’s extensive network virtually allows any type of distribution, even the most complex: from modern distribution to industrial logistics, to swapping, to deliveries to private customers.

All platforms use the same information system and they are mutually connected by daily shuttles.

TEKLOG provides its clients with a website where to track & trace each shipment, regardless of the carrier used. The site has totally unique features in the field:

  • Tracking of shipments even not knowing the carrier and/or the waybill and/or the Delivery Note number
  • Ability for clients to profile sub-utilities for business unit, or for following aggregations, in line with the company organizational chart (an agent will only see the shipments of his clients, the sales area manager those of his agents and so on)
  • Possibility of using the same tool for inquiries, report of damages or glitches and obtain the claim-tracking via a ticket management
  • Ability to extract in a working format data for statistical analysis or KPI verification

Additionally, any item you might want to import or export, TEKLOG can help you identify the best method of transport in terms of cost and service, select the embarking and disembarking ports, find you way around among customs bureaucracy and international regulations.

Not only pick-up, consolidation, FCL, LCL, air-cargo, door-to-door delivery, but also oversized cargo, controlled temperature transport, hung garments, fragile or perishable products.


Cutting-edge industrial logistics
and Taylor Made services.