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For more than 10 years TEKLOG has been offering integrated logistic services such as goods storage, quality control, order management, distribution in Italy and abroad and on-demand product reprocessing.

Every service ensures cutting-edge solutions to provide our clients with a reliable support in their company’s growth.

TEKLOG is part of Azzurra Consortile Network, an industrial and innovative reality that integrates the resources and knowledge of different but complementary companies sharing one single top management, strategies and a part of their clients.


TEKLOG was established in 2000 by acquiring a road haulage company with base in the Novarese area; within a few years it has become one of the leading companies active on the territory, acquiring its most influent clients.

In 2005, the turning point: with the intent of valorising the acquired know-how and grow even more, TEKLOG invests to acquire facilities real estate properties and vehicles.

Today, thanks to further investments and the expansion in terms of quality and safety, the company aims at becoming a logistic operator of medium dimensions, maintaining an annual growth of 20% in line with the network.


TEKLOG painstakingly monitors all phases of its own processes. Reliability, experience and service orientation characterize the company in all spheres of intervention.

For years TEKLOG has certified its own quality control organizational system as required by the
UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. The company is also registered in the Freighters Register VB T9 55 0126 J.

TEKLOG is authorized by Customs to manage both VAT Stocking and Private Custom Deposits IT-TO-C-DD-180


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